The Fjordcoast regional- and geopark

Get a taste of the salt and authentical coastal culture at the westernmost part of Norway, in the magical area where the mighty Sognefjord widens out and meets the rough Northern Sea.

Discover the best of our experiences

Go hiking, biking and kayaking in the borderline between the fjords and the Atlantic ocean!

The scenery is iconic, and the people are hospitable and friendly, As the mountains in this area are located so close to the coast, the horizon is wide and the view from the peaks are spectacular!

Walk in the footsteps of Vikings

Join us on a journey to uncover the secrets behind our spectacular geology, and discover why the Vikings was such skilled craftsmen and traders

Take the pulse on the authentic everyday living

Travel like the locals and explore the rich and vivid coastal culture by the westernmost communities of Norway.


About The Fjordcoast regional- and geopark

Sognefjorden Coastal Park on the Norwegian map

Sognefjorden coastal park is the first park in Norway who will become both a regional park and a geopark. The geology in the park is outstanding and the park is aiming to achieve the Unesco global geopark status. If you want to meet authentic Norwegian coastal culture this is the place to go!

We want to bring together both non-profit and commercial interest and be a collaborative platform that, through long-term collaboration between locals, local businesses, schools, organizations and municipalities, manages the region’s natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way

The park is located in the westernmost area in Norway, where the Sognefjord, Åfjord, Dalsfjord, Stongfjord and Førdefjord meets the rugged North sea. The best way to get here is to use the waterways, by boat. Ekspressboats from both Bergen and Selje stop at several locatons in the park. You can also get here by car. It’s about 2 hours to drive from Bergen to the ferry at Rutledal that brings you either to Solund or to Hyllestad.