Valdres Nature and Culture Park

Join us between lush, green valleys in the south and majestic mountain range in the north. Enjoy easy living and a welcome slower pace of life in Norway’s farming heartland.

Discover the best of our experiences

Mjølkevegen – Cycling close to heaven

Get your hair all breezy and feel your senses come alive.

The valley of stave churches

Medieval wooden religious buildings full of history and symbolism.

Stølsruta, the historical gateway to the mountains and summer farms of Valdres

Follow ancient trails shaped by livestock and their shepards.


About Valdres Nature and Culture Park

Valdres Nature and Cultural Park on the Norwegian map

Valdres is a countryside region where nature, culture and small family farms are helding the landscape alive and traditions strong.

The combination of alpine mountains, green valleys and history gives you the calm, ease and excitement to stay and explore all your senses with us. We are mostly efficient, but never busy. Taste, smell, hear and feel the simple life.

Valdres Nature and Culture Park wants to show that sustainable living and progress is the best way to maintain a good life and a lifelong importance for residents, travellers and you.

Valdres is the very heart of southern Norway. In the middle of Oslo and Bergen. Daily busses will bring you here from Norway’s biggest cities in only 3-4 hours.

Are you roadtripping in Norway? Then you shouldn’t miss Valdres!