Varanger Regional Park

Magnificent and pristine nature with endless possibilities for birding & close encounter with nature. Varanger is a cultural melting pot that transcends national boundaries. Enduring Sami customs blend with modernity, while popular traditions and festivals embody a determined, innovative spirit.

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About Varanger Regional Park

Varanger Arctic Norway on the Norwegian map

Varanger, Norway’s rugged & welcoming Arctic outpost, is a sanctuary for nature that has welcomed and shaped its proud people for thousands of years. Forces of nature abound. Close your eyes, breathe in the crisp, refreshing air and you are reminded of the ice sheets that retreated 10,000 years ago to reveal sea cliffs and fjords, moors, bogs and glacier-smoothed peaks. Bold, hardy birch trees moved in, rooting into meagre pockets of earth to provide forest cover, The Sami People’s stone age ancestors followed quickly, wasting no time in setting up home and forming a mystical relationship with the land and sea. And so the story of Varanger begins.