A journey along the canal

Set your course along the fascinating waterway and let the journey unfold as it goes

The Halden Canal is an old artery that winds its way through the landscape, and for generations has shaped the lives and livelihoods of communities along the way. In turn, the waterway itself has been formed and maintained by the shared efforts and vision of the people who live here.

Along the canal you can swim, fish, dine, see art, experience the local culture, and savour the slowly changing landscape. Large lakes, narrow channels, high locks, open meadows and beautiful forests await you. And if you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of both beavers and osprey. 

You will come in close contact with the people who man the huge lock gates and maintain the canals, just as their ancestors did before them. With impressive precision they make sure vessels navigate correctly and pass each safely.

A historic journey on a canal steamboat will take you back to a bygone era. Relax and let the steamer take the strain, leaving you to enjoy the ride and idyllic forest scenery. While you listen to the sound of lapping waves and the calm, rhythmic chugging of the steamboat. You can also travel the canal on your own boat, allowing you to choose the pace you wish and to stop where you please. 

For the most intimate experience of the waterway and the surrounding landscape, consider kayaking from north to south. Open your senses and enjoy the sights and smells, feel the breeze, and hear the wind rustle the treetops and the waves wash the shore.

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About Halden Canal Regional Park

Let the waterway lead you through idyllic lakes, impressive lock gates and a lush cultural landscape. Take a breather, relax and experience the rich culture, living history and great outdoors with us!
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