Cultural hike to mountain farm “Rui”- relax afterwards in the stunning Soria Moria Sauna

Hike the mountain trail to Rui and Eidsborg for a stunning birds-eye view and enchanting human stories.

Set out on a historic hike from canalside at Dalen up to the historic farmstead of Rui and picture the lives of two inspiring sisters who lived here. Then continue to Eidsborg museum where quarried whetstone once journeyed along the canal and on to all parts of the globe. The stunning Soria Moria Sauna awaits you at journey’s end to relax and reflect on your experience

The trail starts on a stone staircase from Dalen up to Rui. Sherpas from Nepal have built this beautiful staircase, and the stone you walk on is local whetstone! Whetstone from Eidsborg is Norway’s oldest export product, from the Viking era up to 1950, millions of whetstone were transported down the Telemark Canal and out to the world.

You will discover stunning vantage points along the way as well as historical sites such as Riarhamaren and Rui. Arriving on Rui after ascending from Dalen, it is easy to imagine and feel the hard life that was lived on these small farms. It gives a lot of respect for those who struggled there lives here, and relief that you don’t have to live the same life yourself. 

You can venture on to the West Telemark Museum and its café. The museum is also home to stunning Eidsborg Stave Church, one of the smallest stave churches in the country. Take your time as you reach the hills. If you look around you, you will discover a fascinating flora with plenty of sun-loving plants.

After the hike  you deserve to relax and take time to contemplate in Soria Moria – the amazing sauna that lies at the end of lake Bandak, adjacent to the historical Dalen Hotel.

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