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From the rare, colourful to the exotic, birds and birdwatchers alike are magnetically drawn to these Arctic lands.

Birdwatchers  and nature enthusiasts can enjoy an amazingly rich birdlife in a stunning landscape. Varanger is particularily famous for its wintering population of Steller´s eider. However the wide variety of unique bird species and large flocks have made Varanger one of the top birding destinations of the world. 

The teeming birdlife in Varanger is magnificent and this is one of the worlds easiest accessible arctic birding destination. You can find birds here all yer around, and the arctic birds thinks the winter here in Varanger is pleasant. Here in Varanger you have the Northern taiga, tundra and arctic coastline in one destination.

The North Atlantic Drift carries the warm ocean current of the Gulf Stream so it just reaches Varanger, resulting in a high biological productivity of the coasts here. The warm current also maintains an ice-free sea year-round, meaning feeding areas are accessible all year for birds. The hundreds of thousands of breeding seabirds and phenomenal numbers of birds choosing to winter in Varanger are testament to this.

You’re really spoilt for choice in Varanger as we sit at a major migration crossroads atop the world where birdlife abounds here all-year-round. Warm ocean currents curb the worst winter extremes and offer a rich source of ice-free food for feathered visitors whether they are just stopping to rest or spending the season here among the birch forests, river deltas or wetlands.

Here, you’ll find ducks and seabirds that are rare sights elsewhere in Norway or Northern Europe. Stars of the show include eye-catching Stellar Eiders, the Harlequin Duck, mighty sea eagles or the graceful Stilt Sandpiper, while more fleeting guests include Whooper Swans, Red-throated Loons or the charming Eurasian Dotterel.

Some are visible at first glance while others may test your patience but ultimately deliver you rich rewards!  

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About Varanger Regional Park

Magnificent and pristine nature with endless possibilities for birding & close encounter with nature. Varanger is a cultural melting pot that transcends national boundaries. Enduring Sami customs blend with modernity, while popular traditions and festivals embody a determined, innovative spirit.