Forest bathing to nurture the body and soul

Set free your senses and enjoy a journey where the forest invites you to meet your new self.

Step into Finnskogen and let the landscape envelop you. Open all your senses. Breathe the forest. Listen to the silence as you mindfully move through the landscape. Straddling Norway and Sweden, the majestic forest invites you to a boundless journey.

Let Finnskogen connect with your emotions and wellbeing, reaching deep into your heart and mind. A journey here leads you to a path towards a different you. In Finnskogen it’s easy to breathe slowly and just be, right, here, right now.

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About Finnskogen Nature & Culture Park

Walk in the historical footsteps of the Forest Finns as you discover vast and beautiful Finnskogen, all at your own pace. Join us for magical nature and wildlife experiences in the Taiga, the world’s largest forest that encircles the Arctic north.