Gather round the fire and listen to stories about wizards and mythical places

Varanger’s rugged and raw landscapes are a force of nature and a rich seam of inspiration for storytelling. Witchcraft, sami culture, war history are just some of the stories that has made Varanger

Ever since the glaciers relinquished their icy grip on Varanger some 10,000 years ago, the Sami roamed the lands, long before our modern borders appeared.

Age-old, finely-honed practical skills like making fire, expertly skinning fish, and tracking ptarmigan are highly prized, but such close ties with the land run deep. Rocks, plants and animals take on a spiritual dimension and the landscape is steeped with a sense of place. That said, there’s nothing caricatural about this people. They are resourceful and have moved with the times to embrace modern methods and technology.

So, sit down with the locals a Sami, or “kven” draw your seat close around the crackling fire and enjoy a memorable evening of storytelling to the beat of a drum and learn about the mythical/mystical Varanger.

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About Varanger Regional Park

Magnificent and pristine nature with endless possibilities for birding & close encounter with nature. Varanger is a cultural melting pot that transcends national boundaries. Enduring Sami customs blend with modernity, while popular traditions and festivals embody a determined, innovative spirit.