OKSTINDAN – with a view of the glacier from Rabothytta

We invite you to hike the wild and pristine terrain of Okstindan, the highest mountain range in Northern Norway, and to enjoy a stay in the country’s finest unstaffed DNT cabin.

In 1883, the Frenchman Charles Rabot explored the mountains and glaciers of Northern Norway. That year he was one of the first climbers to ascend Oksskolten, the highest peak in Northern Norway. Roughly 130 years later, Rabothytta cabin, situated at the glacier’s edge in the Okstindan range, was named in his honour. Fittingly, this is the finest unstaffed DNT cabin in all of Norway.

Joining Rabot on his expeditions was Klemet Person, a Sámi about whom many legends are told. He too now has a cabin named in his honour, Klemetstua, which is an emergency shelter near Rabothytta. It is also living quarters for the hosts.
If you decide to visit these monuments to Rabot and Klemet, you will surely be impressed by the architectural gems designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs. In good weather we can also promise you a stunning panorama of the glacier and mountains, a view that on a clear day reaches all the way to the Helgeland coast.
Rabothytta is just one of the four beautiful Okstindan cabins run by the Hemnes chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) – each of them inviting hikers to a pleasant stay.

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There are several gateways to Okstindan. If you prefer, you can make a day trip to visit one of the cabins. During the summer, Rabothytta cabin usually sells coffee and waffles. Kjensvasshytta cabin is now accessible for wheelchair users, and it is the only cabin you can get to by car.

Even though more people have discovered the magnificent Okstindan range in recent years, you can still walk for hours in this pristine wilderness, encountering only reindeer and grazing sheep.

To appreciate the Okstindan mountains from a distance, we recommend that you drive the old highway E6 across the top of Korgfjellet, instead of speeding through the Korgfjell Tunnel. Korgfjellet pass enjoys a beautiful view of the Okstindan and Svartisen glaciers, and you can relax with a good meal at the lodge, Korgfjellet Fjellstue.

As the main photo shows, winter sometimes transforms the Rabothytta cabin into an ice castle. The photo was taken by Hans Kristian Krogh Hanssen. In the link «Winter in Okstindan» you can see more photos of Okstindan dressed up in winter suit.

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