Sámi art and culture

Meet the proud carriers of the Sámi heritage. Experience Sámi food and artworks and gain insights into the culture and language of the indigenous Arctic people.

Okstindan Nature and Culture Park is situated in a region that has ancient Sámi traditions, both from the branch of the Ume Sámi and the Southern Sámi. Reindeer herders continue their age-old way of life, and their reindeer flocks still graze the Okstindan and other mountains in the area.

Jørn Rivojen Langseth is a Sámi artist who lives in the village of Hemnesberget. Some of his beautiful artwork incorporates bone and wood and draws on Sámi ornamental traditions. Jørn has had key role in the establishment of the Ume-Sámi Resource Centre; soon he will be offering visitors unique cultural experiences there. For the time being, he is offering a taste of Sámi and other local food traditions in his goahti, a traditional Sámi dwelling.

Klemetspelet – a historical play

Every other year, the Klemet Person, the legendary Sámi guide of the French mountaineer Charles Rabot, is celebrated with a historical play presented outdoors. It’s a fascinating display of the interaction between Sámi and the locals as well as foreign visitors at the end of the 19th century. The next opportunity to see this historical play will be in August 2022.

Treat yourself to fascinating insights into the Sámi heritage and culture!

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