Wild, gorgeous and good!

Good manufacturers refine products according to long traditions and are innovative and playful!

Local producers use the gifts nature has given here, and the food experiences are colored by the landscape, culture and pride of their products.

The craft is often the hand-to-hand given knowledge that generations have learned by being with parents and grandparents at work.

The goat cheese production here is widely known, and is both traditional carrier and innovative. Skilled manufacturers give their product easily recognizable qualities – find your favorite!

Value creation takes place in the meeting between people. It’s about seeing and appreciating each other. It’s about getting involved instead of standing outside and observe.

Local craft traditions and local ingredients that are presented here are value creation of the finest variety. If you bring a goat cheese or a pair of Aurland shoes home with you, or the memory of the taste of the raspberry soda that only Marianne make with you – you’re welcome!

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About Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park

Wild, dangerous and majestic – welcome to the one and only World Heritage Park! Explore this amazing site with us.