Wild, gorgeous and wet!

Experiencing the landscape with a trip on the fjord gives a powerful impression – it’s unforgettable!

You can paddle a trip by kayak or canoe and come all the way down to the water surface. The mighty mountains around you tell their stories, but the fjord can also tell – about it’s interaction with the thousands of small and large streams, rivers and waterfalls that supply minerals that gives the fjord its characteristic green color.

At the same time, the fjord is part of the ocean – it brings  the world seas all the way in here, between the high mountains, where you paddle quietly along the beach. And below you, down in the depths, there is also an arduous life, an interaction, an ecosystem, a different world.

You can also experience the fjord with rowboats, ribs or larger boats – no matter how you make your way across the water surface: the fjord will catch your senses, the mountains will roam over you, while the waves will play around you and you will be part of this mighty the landscape – enjoy! We are proud of everything that is created here, both from nature and from man. Old remnants of buildings, or bits of stone fences are traces of lived life you can find in the cultural landscape. 

It tells of a lot of toil to survive. At the same time, it also tells about good knowledge of the natural forces, to annual landslides, flood-rivers and where the sun comes first in spring.

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