Cultural footprints of the Forest Finns

Are you ready to discover the fascinating story of the Forest Finns? Join the locals who will reveal all.

Some 400 years ago a small group of people left Finland in search of a better life. They settled in vast forests boardering Norway and Sweden. Together with their culture and traditions, and their typical finnish farming and building techniques, the Forest Finns brought magic and mystery to Finnskogen.

We’re proud descendants of the Forest Finns, and invite you to join us in their magical footsteps. Strolling through the deep forest from one ancient farmhouse to another, clearings suddenly appear, revealing beautiful meadows bursting with colorful flowers.

Relax with us by the campfire after a traditional wood-fired sauna, and savour the flavours of ancestral dishes that have forged the characters of these proud people. Listen to tales of toil to carve out a life deep in the forest and the renowned Niittaho-Jussi, last of the Forest Finns wanderers. As night falls around you, maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of a Wood Nymph reflected in a pond.

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About Finnskogen Nature & Culture Park

Walk in the historical footsteps of the Forest Finns as you discover vast and beautiful Finnskogen, all at your own pace. Join us for magical nature and wildlife experiences in the Taiga, the world’s largest forest that encircles the Arctic north.