Alone — with others

Enjoy the tranquility of lush forests and elongated lakes.

Why not explore the Halden Canal on two wheels? The peaceful country roads that wind through the hills along the old waterway are perfect for cycling. Away from the din of modern life, the Halden Canal’s lush forests envelope you in a leafy comfort blanket to heighten your senses and connect with nature all around. 

A cycling trip allows you to really explore the countryside adjacent to the canals, and to take detours where you please. These roads take you to each of the lock gates, to farms, museums, galleries and cafés, and to many sights that are worth a closer look.

Embrace a simpler rhythm, leaving your stress and the hustle and bustle of city life far behind. Take a pause to listen to birdsong or the sound of a stream. Inhale the scent of fir, moss and heather. Feel the wind in your hair as you roll through the gentle hills. Let these simple interactions with nature enrich you and leave your worries behind as you return to an authentic, simpler way of life.

Cycling can be a great solitary adventure, but it’s even better when you’re sharing the journey with friends. Along the Halden Canal there is plenty of space for both, and to savour moments alone even when travelling with others. And together you can just enjoy the magnificent landscape in silence. 

At the end of the day, you can relax next to a crackling fire, sharing a meal, stories and impressions.

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About Halden Canal Regional Park

Let the waterway lead you through idyllic lakes, impressive lock gates and a lush cultural landscape. Take a breather, relax and experience the rich culture, living history and great outdoors with us!