In our ancestors’ footsteps

Get a sense of cross-border culture in a historic landscape

When the last log was floated down the Halden Canal, a long tradition came to an end. For more than 600 years, the rivers had been used for log driving, an activity that left its mark on the local culture as well as on the landscape. Follow in our ancestor’s footsteps to learn how they carved out an existence using the river, lakes and canal as a lifeline.

Did you know you’re a stone’s throw from the Swedish border? People met and moved freely between the two countries to farm, fish or harness the power of water for industry. Explore the stories and the culture, while admiring the visionary ideas and the persistence of the people who planned and built the canal. What was life like for the men who, equipped only with a pike pole and superb balance, drove the logs down the rivers? It was exceedingly dangerous work, and it had to be done in all kinds of weather. What inspired people to devote their lives to taming the rivers?

The cultural monuments, which have been preserved and carefully restored, tell us fascinating stories about those who lived here before us. In the midst of beautiful scenery, we see things that shine light on this heritage. Travel centuries back to a bygone era, feel the sensation of standing right beside the engineers, the log drivers, the supervisors and farmers.

Explore the journey on your own or join one of our knowledgeable guides. Hear water rushing down old log flumes, and waterfalls flowing over dams. Or feel the almost-magical attraction of the 350-year-old Fredriksten Fortress, which is perched above the town of Halden. A living history for over 350 years.

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About Halden Canal Regional Park

Let the waterway lead you through idyllic lakes, impressive lock gates and a lush cultural landscape. Take a breather, relax and experience the rich culture, living history and great outdoors with us!