Wild, gorgeous and raw!

Challenge your emotions and reconnect with nature while hiking in the heart of the World Heritage. Nature makes the rules here in this vibrant landscape.

The sensation when you are standing on a mountaintop is breathtaking. The nearness to nature hiking along narrow paths, uphill steep mountainsides or through lush valleys. The sensation of being in one with your surroundings, with animals, birds, trees and flowers – which through different climatic zones display an enormous variety. A sense of freedom, and a revelation of how small and  vulnerable we humans are in the mighty nature!

Get the forces of nature right on to your skin, you may have to fight with yourself to reach the goal, but the mastery – and the view that awaits – is incredible and worth every sweat!

– you’re welcome – enjoy your world heritage!

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About Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park

Wild, dangerous and majestic – welcome to the one and only World Heritage Park! Explore this amazing site with us.